Sunday, November 15, 2009

M i c k e y........M o u s e!!!

We had such a wonderful vacation to Orlando!!!!!! We went to Disneyworld, Epcot and one of the water parks, Typhoon Lagoon. We had so much fun!!! As the kids get older, it is so much fun for Brian and I to watch their personalities form. Even through the chaos of parenting, we have so much fun! I am so happy to have such a wonderful journeying partner! We truly enjoy our kids and this family. Sometimes it isn't easy, but Brian and I are both so good at laughing and recognizing that the challenging times will pass and knowing that we just have to enjoy each and every moment of this journey together! It still makes me laugh that we had 2 different times where someone told us that our family was entertaining to watch....haha! Ya know, you have to ask yourself..."what exactly does that mean"? It makes me giggle because YOU KNOW they were referring to the "energy", the laughter, the CHAOS. I am soooooo thankful that our kids are lively, energetic or I guess you could say wild, outspoken. I call it plain F U N!!!!! I have often wondered why God didn't give us just ONE quiet child but then, I remember that we have to keep life exciting. I want our journey to be active and full of life. Us Knopfs...we love adventure and challenge! We are a team (though we forget this many times) and WE LOVE LIFE!!! As Brianna says, let's be the fruitloop in the bowl of cheerios!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go teammcbabllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mission To Macie said...

I'm so glad you had a great family have a great family!

I can't believe it's been over a year since we have seen yall! That is a sad thing!

Miss you,
Jill :)

Niki and Tim Knopf said...

We can't wait to see more pictures!!! Looks like an amazing Knopf vacation.

Tami said...

Disney is always such a fun adventure. I'm always amazed how much I like it, as I am not a theme park person. Next time you will have to hit the Animal Kingdom. That is REALLY cool.

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